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2x - 4 = 10 Solution. 5x - 6 = 3x - 8 Solution Solution Solution. 2(3x - 7) + 4 (3 x + 2) = 6 (5 x + 9) + 3 Solution Solution. EQUATIONS CONTAINING RADICAL(S) - Solve for x in the following equations. Solution Solution Solution Solution Solution Solution Solution. EQUATIONS CONTAINING ABSOLUTE VALUE(S) - Solve for x in the following equations. Example 1: Solve for x in the following equation.. x - 4 = Add 4 to both sides of the equation: x = The answer is x = Check the solution by substituting 14 in the original equation for the left side of the equation equals the right side of the equation after . Sep 18,  · Solving Linear Equations: Practice Problems. As I mentioned before, to solve one of these equations, we're trying to solve for x. If you have x - 4 = 10, then 10 isn't where the treasure is.

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You may solve a set of 10 questions with their detailed solutions and also a set of 50 questions, with their answers, in the applet to self test you background on how to. Algebra problems with detailed solutions. Problem 1: Solve the equation. Detailed Solution. Problem 2: Simplify the expression, solve for x practice problems.

Problem 4: Find the distance between the points -4-5 and -1 Problem 5: Find the x intercept of the graph of the equation. Problem 6: Evaluate f 2 - f 1. Problem 7: Find the slope of the line passing through the points -1, -1 and 22. Problem 8: Find the slope of the line. Problem 9: Find solve for x practice problems equation of the solve for x practice problems that passes through the points -1-1 and -12. Problem Solve the equation.

More Algebra Problems - Applet. You can review your answers and change them by checking the desired letter. Once you have finished, press "finish" and you get a table with your answers and the right answers to compare with. To start another set of problems, press "reset". Math Problems and Online Self Tests. Basic Rules and Properties of Algebra. Free Mathematics Tutorials.

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solve for x practice problems


Equation Basics Worksheet. Solve each equation. Checking Your Answers. Brush up on your knowledge of the techniques needed to solve problems on this page. Equation Calculator Will automatically solve equations and show all of the required work. Tutoring. Looking for someone to help you with algebra?. Find x intercept(s) of the graph of an equation. Evaluate functions. Find the slope of a line passing through two points. Find slope of a line from its equation. Find equation of a line. Solve equation with absolute value; Algebra problems with detailed solutions. Problem 1: Solve the equation 5(- 3x - 2) - (x - 3) = -4(4x + 5) + Detailed. Solving For X. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Solving For X. Some of the worksheets displayed are Solving multi step equations, Solving linear equations variable on both sides, Solving linear equations work i, Solving one step equations 1, Name solving for y work solve for, Solving for the missing proportions, Work 2 2 solving equations in one variable, Refresher.