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School of Engineering Dissertation Defense; School of Engineering Dissertation Defense. Thursday, August 15, am - pm. School of Engineering. Barus and Holley, Ph.D. candidate Alexander Landauer will present his dissertation defense: “Elastic Foam Characterization for Rate-Dependent Nonlinear Material Model Development. Engineering Management Dissertation Topics. The purpose of this article is to help engineering management students with selection of dissertation topic so they can initiate the research work. Some interesting engineering management dissertation topics are listed below. Ensuring Smooth Process Improvement by Conducting Management of Chain. May 26,  · Example engineering dissertation topic 2: The effects of subsidies on concentrating solar power (CSP) plants in Spain: A case study. Concentrated solar power (CSP) is a technology gaining greater ground in the sustainable market.

Theses and Dissertations

Acoustofluidic self-assembly of colloidal materials for additive manufacturingMeghana Akella. Graphene humidity sensor with gold nanoparticlesJiawei Bao. Deep learning for monitoring cyber-physical systemsTryambak Gangopadhyay.

Design and rapid prototyping of printed graphene electrochemical biosensors for sensitive monitoring of pesticide levels for agricultural useJohn Hondred. Animated rendering of cardiac model simulationsXin Huang. Droplet coalescence in an emulsion to support process scale-up of a topical ointmentengineering dissertation, Arya Ketabchi Haghighat, engineering dissertation. Analyzing and exploiting biomass thermal deconstructionJake Kendall Lindstrom.

Overcoming the limitations of commodity augmented reality head mounted displays for use in product assemblyJack Miller. The impact of pot lids on household energy useOlamide Elizabeth Opadokun. Collaborative product review using virtual reality interface devices performance studyingengineering dissertation, Mihir Radia. Data-driven approaches for improving failure resilience of engineered systemsMohammadkazem Sadoughi.

Thermal decomposition of chemical warfare agent simulants diisopropyl methylphosphonate and tributyl phosphate engineering dissertation, Patrick Sanderson. A framework for indoor air quality sensor placement accounting for uncertainties and performing risk assessmentsHimanshu Sharma. Electronic and thermal transport properties of engineered organic-inorganic halide perovskite structuresRahul Singh. Calibration of structured light system using unidirectional fringe patternsVignesh Suresh, engineering dissertation.

Exfoliation of scalable few layer biocompatible graphene nanosheets using a protein-assisted mechano-chemical techniqueDeepak-George Thomas. Energy and food security in the context of biomass, crop production and soil quality in UgandaNataliya Apanovich.

High-quality 3D shape measurement with binarized dual phase-shifting methodEngineering dissertation Basu. Techno-economic engineering dissertation of biochemicals and biofuels production via thermal and electrochemical processesDenis Bbosa, engineering dissertation.

A surrogate head system for blunt impact experimentsTimothy J. Solvent liquefaction of waste materialsengineering dissertation, Joel Braden. Transient electronics: Materials, engineering dissertation, mechanics, and applicationsYuanfen Chen. Modeling and control of complex building energy systemsVenkatesh Chinde. Understanding heat carrier effects in a laboratory-scale auger pyrolyzerengineering dissertation, Tannon Jeffrey Daugaard.

Highly sensitive biosensors with interdigitated electrode arraysShaowei Ding. An examination of ash elutriation from a fluidized bed regeneratorDane Erickson. Development of a 3D conceptual design environment using a commodity head mounted display virtual reality systemGabriel Evans. Engineering of nano-bio interfaces towards the development of portable biosensorsAgnivo Gosai.

Cross-plane thermal transport in graphene-based structuresMeng Han. A framework for isogeometric-analysis-based design and optimization of wind turbine bladesAustin Herrema, engineering dissertation. Polymeric materials for transient and soft electronic devicesReihaneh Jamshidi. Effect of nanoparticle additives on the tribological behavior of oil under boundary lubricationYosef Jazaa.

Distributed optimization for control and learningengineering dissertation, Zhanhong Jiang. Transfer matrix modelling of double Helmholtz resonator arrays as sound insulating double panel partitionsengineering dissertation, Sanvisna Kogelen. Fabrication of flexible thermoelectric generatorsMatthew Mark Kruse. Automated venetian blinds and lighting integrated into office Building Automation Systems: Full-scale testing and economic analysisNiraj Kunwar. Experimental and theoretical investigation of organically-capped, nanoscale alkali metal hydride and aluminum particles as solid propellant additivesAdam Lawrence.

Investigating the development of the bioproducts production platform from a techno-economic and environmental perspectiveWenqin Li, engineering dissertation.

Engineering dissertation the use of Bayesian networks for small dataset problemsAnastacia Maria Macallister. Tangible augmented reality intervention for a product dissection taskChloe Mcpherson. An optimization and uncertainty quantification framework for patient-specific cardiac modelingEngineering dissertation Mineroff. Deep learning for design and optimization of bioprosthetic heart valvesSahiti Nallagonda. Investigating the effect of retained austenite and residual stress on rolling contact fatigue of carburized steel with XFEM and experimental approachesGeorge Theng Ching Ooi.

Friction and wear mechanisms of high performance polyetheretherketone and siliconeMark Placette. Computational methods to engineer process-structure-property relationships in organic electronics: The case of organic photovoltaicsBalaji Sesha Sarath Pokuri. Bio-based carbon fiber from biorefinery lignin and lignin-derived bio-oilWangda Qu. Exploring Granger causality in dynamical systems modeling and performance monitoringHomagni Saha, engineering dissertation.

Multiphysics analysis of electrochemical and electromagnetic system addressing lithium-ion battery and permanent magnet motorAbhishek Sarkar. Using Google Cardboard to perform a visual field screening test engineering dissertation, Dhanraj Selvaraj. Multi-principal element alloys: Design, properties and heuristic explorationsengineering dissertation, Aayush Sharma.

Atomistic modeling of interfacial and thermal transport properties of engineered graphene structuresSrilok Srinivasan. Engineering dissertation evaluation and in-situ monitoring for metal additive manufacturingHossein Taheri. Investigation of fundamental transport and physicochemical phenomena engineering dissertation lignocellulosic fast pyrolysisJordan A. Investigation of mean volume fraction fluctuations on the mean drag force acting on spherical particle assembliesJacob Aaron Vogts.

Thermal characterization of nm-thick black phosphorus based on Raman spectroscopyTianyu Wang. Quantification of leaflet flutter in bioprosthetic heart valves using fluid-structure interaction analysisNelson Michael Wiese. Fluid—structure interaction modeling and simulation of transcatheter heart valvesCheng-Hao Wu.

Spatiotemporal graphical modeling for cyber-physical systemsLinjiang Wu. Immersogeometric analysis of compressible flowsFei Xu. Buoyancy-driven flow and fluid-structure interaction with moving boundariesSongzhe Xu. Numerical analysis of a non-polymeric double-network compositeQitong Yao.

In-situ stress monitoring during corrosion and electrodepositionBrendan Shin Hau Yeah, engineering dissertation. Thermal transport and thermal structural domain in microfibersBowen Zhu. Two-photon laser-induced fluorescence in sodium-doped composite propellant flameKeke Zhu. Detection techniques for molecular interactions based on interferometry and micro-cantileverZhichen Zhu. Hierarchical feature extraction from spatiotemporal data for cyber-physical system analyticsAdedotun John Akintayo.

An experimental and statistical study of 2D hopper flow of binary mixturesAshton Rose Archer. Control and manipulation of nanoparticles for fabrication of metal matrix composites engineering dissertation, Mina Bastwros. Parametric study of helmholtz resonator performance and effect of poroacoustic material use in resonator designYasaman Esandiari. Biorefinery lignin as filler material in polylactic acid compositeengineering dissertation, Yiwei Gao.

Engineering analytics through explainable deep learningSambuddha Ghosal. Characterization of the influence of external stimulus on protein-nucleic acid complex through multiscale computationsAgnivo Gosai. Recovering valuable products from the aqueous streams of fast pyrolysisPatrick Hefmon Hall. The development of carbon nanomaterials enhanced potassium sensor and glucose sensor for applications in wearable sweat-based sensingQing He.

The evolution of hardness and tribofilm growth during running-in of case carburized steel under boundary lubricationAlexander David-Arthur Jenson. Pretreatment optimization methods for increased sugar yields from biomass engineering dissertationKayla Elizabeth Johnson.

Thermochemical methylation of lignin to produce high value aromatic compoundsPatrick Allan Engineering dissertation. Visualizing engineering design data using a modified two-level self-organizing map clustering approachAdam Robert Kohl. Properties of agave fiber reinforced thermoplastic compositesPeng Li. Ensemble bias-correction based state of charge estimation of lithium-Ion batteriesYifei Li.

Quadrature-based models for multiphase and turbulent reacting flowsEhsan Madadi Kandjani. Where does the Oxygen go? Development and initial results for roller-deposition metal powder bed laser fusion additive manufacturingDakota Wayne Morgan.

Characterization of multiphase flows integrating X-ray imaging and virtual realityTimothy Engineering dissertation Morgan, engineering dissertation. Roll bonding of metal-polymer-metal sandwich compositesSaeed Engineering dissertation. Analysis and modeling of structure formation in granular and fluid-solid flowsEric James Murphy.

A numerical investigation of cavitation in valves and techno-economic analysis of Pinewood solvent liquefactionDaudet Nsabengo Nzombo. Computational models for turbulent bubbly flows in bubble columnsNithin Panicker.

Linking process-structure-property relationships: Modeling and optimization in thin film morphologiesEngineering dissertation Pfeifer. What limits the yield of levoglucosan during fast pyrolysis of cellulose? Discrete element method modeling of biomass fast pyrolysis granular flowsFenglei Qi. Synchrotron x-ray radiography, fluorescence, and imaging of coaxial engineering dissertation injector spraysengineering dissertation, Christopher Daniel Radke.

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Master's theses and doctoral dissertations from the University of Kentucky Department of Mechanical Engineering are available here. From the perspective of the engineering and scientific community, the primary purpose is to document the student's research. Although much research from theses and dissertations is also communicated in journal articles, theses and dissertations stand as detailed documents that allow others to see what the work was and how it was performed. School of Engineering Dissertation Defense; School of Engineering Dissertation Defense. Thursday, August 15, am - pm. School of Engineering. Barus and Holley, Ph.D. candidate Alexander Landauer will present his dissertation defense: “Elastic Foam Characterization for Rate-Dependent Nonlinear Material Model Development.